14 December 2016

Poster Presentation at TERMIS-AM
Promising Data using Company’s Novel Sprayable Collagen Scaffold

Collagen Solutions plc (AIM: COS), the developer and manufacturer of medical grade collagen components for use in regenerative medicine, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics, yesterday presented a poster at TERMIS-AM in San Diego, based on a wound healing project from their fibrillar collagen development programme.

The meeting of the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (“TERMIS-AM”) is a key conference, held in the Americas each year that brings together researchers from academia, government, and industry to discuss critical developments in the field. The theme for the 2016 meeting is "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Personalized and Precise Science, Engineering, and Translation," reflecting the considerable progress that the regenerative medicine industry has made in becoming one of the fastest-growing sub-segments in the medical devices market.

At the meeting, the Company presented a poster titled ‘Collagen as a Biological Glue for Cell Spraying in Wound Healing.” The information presented in this poster represents work initiated at Collagen Solutions to examine the possibility that fibrillar collagen will protect live skin cells suspended in a collagen matrix and help them adhere to a wound surface. This work was led by Jacqueline Burgin, Senior Scientist at Collagen Solutions.

In the US, about 6.5 million patients annually are treated for chronic full thickness wounds and burns costing over $25 billion dollars*. Worldwide, burns result in 265,000 deaths per year**.  Currently, the gold standard for treating many full thickness wounds is the use of either split- or full-thickness autologous skin grafts. Although widely used with positive outcomes, there are still disadvantages, including lack of healthy donor sites, risk of donor site infection, and the challenge of handling such delicate scaffolds.

The application of autologous cells to the wound bed, via a spray device, has been shown to address many of the current shortcomings of skin graft procedures.  Cells which have been harvested and expanded ex-vivo require considerably smaller donor-sites than skin grafts and increase the prospect of treating larger wounds. However, to date, cells which have been applied by spraying, have suffered from a tendency to fall off the wound site.

The authors of the poster presented at TERMIS-AM have developed both fibrillar collagen and fibrillar collagen/ Polyethylene glycol (PEG) formulations which enable cells sprayed onto a wound site to remain in situ. In addition, the poster describes the effectiveness of fibrillar collagen in ensuring the survival of embedded cells during the spraying process. This study suggests that a sprayable fibrillar collagen carrier may have application for improving cell adhesion at a wound site, with future work hoping to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of these formulations when used in these procedures.

Commenting on the poster, Jamal Rushdy, CEO of Collagen Solutions said: “This initial data set presented in San Diego highlights potential future applications of one of our internal projects, which is a fibrillar collagen scaffold targeting primary applications in treatment of wounds. The fibrillar collagen scaffold project is part of our broader strategy of developing novel and innovative collagen-based ‘finished devices’ for commercialisation via licensing and distribution partners.”

The poster can be accessed on the conference website using this link. Following the conclusion of the conference, additional resources related to the project will be made available on the Company website: www.collagensolutions.com.


*Sen, C. K., Gordillo, G. M., Roy, S., Kirsner, R., Lambert, L., Hunt, T. K. & Longaker, M. T. (2009). Human skin wounds: a major and snowballing threat to public health and the economy. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 17(6), 763-771.
** "Burns." World Health Organization. World Health Organization, Sept. 2016. Web. 05 Dec. 2016.

About Collagen Solutions:  
Collagen Solutions Plc is a global provider of medical grade collagen formulations and components for use in regenerative medicine, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics and research. The capabilities of the Company include the provision of native, soluble and powdered collagen formulations, processed and semi-processed tissues such as pericardium, bone, and blood vessels, and expertise in the development and contract manufacture of collagen components for use as engineered tissue scaffolds and other medical devices. These products are used in a wide variety of applications including orthopaedics, cardiovascular, dental, plastic surgery, wound healing, neurology and urology. Collagen Solutions' unique offering extends beyond material supply and contract services through the highly skilled staff who support customers through the various stages of development and regulatory approval. For additional information, please visit www.collagensolutions.com.



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