Capita Asset Services
The Registry
34 Beckenham Road
Kent BR3 4TU


  1. Who do I contact if I have lost my share certificate?
    For Collagen Solutions Ordinary Shares, please contact the address above
  2. Who do I notify if I have changed my address?
    Please download the Change of Address form (located under 'Forms') and send it to Capita Asset Services. Alternatively, if you are unable to download the form, please contact our Shareholder Helpline and we will send you a form.
  3. Can I transfer all or some of my shares to other members of my family?
    Yes. Please contact Capita Asset Services. See address above or download a form (located under 'Forms'). You may also download guidance on completing the form (located under 'Forms').
  4. I receive multiple copies of shareholder circulars. What should I do?
    Your name probably appears on the share register more than once. Please contact Capita Asset Services for advice on how to amalgamate your shareholdings. See address above.
  5. I have a question which is not covered in the above. Who do I contact?
    Further information can be found at the Capita Asset Services website. Alternatively, please see Contact Us for details of who to contact with your question.


Page last updated: 15 July 2016